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Use Bankruptcy to Your Advantage

The banks just got a bail-out from the government (that is from you, the taxpayer) of $15 trillion!  And that is after the same banks invented and originated over a trillion dollars of toxic loans without investing a dime of their own money (they used the money of retirees investing in pension funds and of other ordinary people).  Has anyone offered you a bailout?

There is help, though.  You should immediately start analyzing with great care if your entire debt is really repayable, given this time of deep economic crisis.  Upon closer examination, you may be surprised to find that discharging all of your debt in bankruptcy may be a much better solution than working your tail off for decades to come only to see your money thrown into the pit of the ultimately unmanageable debt.

Businesses have played the bankruptcy "game" for years.  What's more, the banks have already risked and lost ordinary people's money (IRAs, 401(k)'s, etc.) in the toxic loan products, and then managed to convice the government to bail them out. You diserve no less.

If you still have doubts or facing a moral dilemma regarding a bankruptcy, read this artricle.

Bankruptcy remains the only sure way to stave off foreclosure in non-judicial states, such as Virginia.  What's more, bankruptcy will help you stave off foreclosure and possibly force your bank to give you a loan modificaiton you can truly afford.  In addition to providing a fresh start and freedom from debt bondage, bankruptcy is one of the best foreclosure defense tools at your disposal.

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