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Facing foreclosure? Don't be so quick to leave your house. Even if you have "no defenses," you may be able to stay in your house for weeks, months, or even years without paying your mortgage.  It is perfectly legal and ethical, as your ability to stay will simply be a bi-product of you forcing the bank to prove its case. And rest assured, you are entitled to force the bank to prove its case.

Each case is different, but our representation may uncover some valid defenses, such as:

- the bank has no right to enforce the subject obligation, 

- the bank did not striclty comply with the statutory foreclosure scheme and failed to fulfill certain conditions, or 

- the bank has miscalculated the amount owed.

While you are defending yourself, you can stay in your home and save thousands on your mortgage month after month. You may even force your bank to give you a loan modification that you can afford.

This NY Times article illustrates the sensible approach of foreclosure defense very well: Owners Stop Paying Mortgages, and Stop Fretting    

Lost Bargain Recovery for Forclosure Investors

Attention foreclosure investors.  If you recently won a property at a foreclosrue auction and were later deprived of the bargain (your deposit was returned to you, etc.) because of an alleged "loss mitiation" or "loan modificaiton" agreement between the bank and the owners, please contact us.

We will attempt to re-instate your bargain either by enforcing your purchase contract that was unlawfully voided or by obtaining damages on your behalf in the amount you would have made had you closed on the deal and sold the property at fair market value.

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